About us

We produce daily fresh baked goods without gluten and lactose.

We are a small family company which develops its products so they serve as a “cure” for your body and give joy to your spirit.
With this approach in mind, we proudly stand behind our products, knowing that those with a MOJE MALO ZLATO logo have a guarantee of quality.
The main driving force behind our production of exclusively gluten-free quality products are the various health problems that people face today because of a single ingredient – gluten.
Our mission is to enable consumers to have a gluten-free, as well as problem-free nutrition, while our vision is to develop a wide range of flavors, complementing daily nutrition with new, delicious and fresh gluten-free products.
We are delighted with the presented opportunities and enjoy connecting with other Croatian producers and creating gluten-free snacks which will enrich our consumers’ menus across Croatia and beyond.

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    Trg John F. Kennedy 6b, Zagreb

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    HRK 20,000.00, paid in full

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