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We produce daily-fresh gluten-free bakery products.
Moje Malo Zlato

Moje Malo Zlato is a brand of Razvojne strategije d.o.o., a company that produces fresh gluten-free bread and pastries available throughout Croatia. Their products have an extremely low gluten contamination, making them ideal for those who need to avoid gluten as well as for those who seek healthier eating options.

Razvojne strategije d.o.o. is the first bakery product manufacturer in Croatia accredited with the AOECS (European Association of Celiac Societies) standard.

We develop our products with the aim of being a "remedy" for your body and a delight for your spirit. Guided by this principle in everything we do, we proudly stand behind all of our products, knowing that anything carrying our logo guarantees quality. We are excited about the opportunities we see, the connections we make with other Croatian producers, and the creation of gluten-free delights that will enrich our menus.

Vision Our vision is to develop a range of flavors that complement daily nutrition with gluten-free products.
Mission Our mission is to make gluten-free truly hassle-free.
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Company nameRazvojne strategije d.o.o.
Identification number30295224070
Production Line Moje malo zlato - Konjščinska ulica br. 2 HR-10000 Zagreb
AddressTrg John F. Kennedy 6b, HR-10000 Zagreb
Company registration number080749256