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We produce daily fresh baked goods without gluten and lactose.
Moje Malo Zlato

We are a family-owned company that develops it's products with a desire to make them a "cure" to your body and a joy to your spirit.

Having such vision, we proudly stand behind our products knowing that the MOJE MALO ZLATO brand carries quality with it knowing that MOJE MALO ZLATO is the brand of high quality.

The main driving force behind our production of exclusively gluten-free quality products are various health problems people are facing today because of a single ingredient – gluten.

All products meet the highest standards of Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS) and they are suitable for everyone who requires completely or partially gluten-free diet.

MissionOur mission is to enable consumers to have a gluten-free, as well as problem-free nutrition.
VisionOur vision is to develop wide range of flavors, complementing daily nutrition with new, delicious and fresh gluten-free products.
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European Coeliac Societies

Certification of Compliance:

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Company nameRazvojne strategije d.o.o.
Identification number30295224070
Production lineMoje malo zlato - Konjščinska ulica br. 2 HR-10000 Zagreb
AddressTrg John F. Kennedy 6b, HR-10000 Zagreb
Company registration number080749256