White seedless bred roll with rice flour, rice starch and tapioca starch.
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Bun is soft and delicious bred roll for every meal at any time of the day.

Seed-free white bred roll that is not different from ordinary baked goods, contains rice flour, rice starch and tapioca starch.

Moje Malo Zlato Žemlja bez glutena


Rice flour, rice starch, tapioca starch, potato starch, sugar, dried sourdough (rice flour, starter culture), thickeners E464, E415, E412, psyllium, rape seed oil, natural aroma, sugar, honey, E330, E200, emulsifier E471, enzyme.

Net Weight: 120 g (3x40)
The product can be stored at room temperature.
Expiration date: minimum 15 days from baking.Hrvatski proizvod

Gluten Content

<= 5ppm, tested on 14 February 2020. - Analytical report No. 20/A/3194, acording to regulation of the European Commission (EU) No. 828/2014.

Nutrition Information per 100 g

  • Energy 1226 (290 kcal)
  • Fat 5,69 g, of which saturates 0.93 g
  • Carbohydrat 57,04 g, of which sugars 3,0 g
  • Protein 2,69 g
  • Salt 1,67 g