Ordering procedure

Moje malo zlato
Procedure of ordering goods

Products can be ordered using a basket i.e. by creating a web order at Moje Malo Zlato webshop in the following way:
Next to each item there is an icon or a button "Add to basket".

Each item which is available via webshop on the pages https://www.mojemalozlato.com/glutenfree-products/ has a basket icon marked 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X and 5X. The numbers indicate that you can add 1 to 5 pieces into the basket by one click.

If you wish to add e.g. 7 pieces into the basket, you can add 5 pieces and again 2 pieces or you can add any quantity and view the final quantity on the page Baskets and payment.

When you add the desired item into the basket, at the top of the page there will appear a panel with data about the number of products, total amount as well as the buttons to continue the purchase or move to the payment procedure. The total amount at this point does not include delivery, but the price of delivery as well as the amount needed for free delivery can be viewed in a visible place on the panel.

The button "Cart & Payment"

By clicking on this button the pop-up window will open and there you can view the contents of the basket and take out a certain product if it was put in by mistake. From here you can go to the page "Basket and payment".

In rare situations of broken or weak connection, the pop-up window may be blank. If you are on the page https://www.mojemalozlato.com/en/gluten-free-products/, try to go to the same page via navigation link. This should refresh the pop-up window. But as a matter of fact you do not need it because you can go to the payment option directly using the button "Directly to paymet" which you can find below.

The button "Continue your purchase"

This button takes you back to the products in order for you to add more products into your basket. In case you added a poduct on a certain individual product page, this button will take you to the page https://www.mojemalozlato.com/en/gluten-free-products/.

The button "Directly to payment"
This button avoids a pop-up window and any additional steps and takes you directly to the basket and the payment page.
The page "Cart & payment"

Finalising the process of ordering is conducted on the page https://www.mojemalozlato.com/delivery/.
The upper part of the page contains the basket, while lower part contains data for payment.

In order to change the quantity of a certain product in the basket change the number in the column "QUANTITY", and then click on "UPDATE CART". If you wish to remove a product from the basket, click on the icon "X" which is positioned to the left of product picture.

When you have decided to purchase products in the basket, enter the data for delivery below. If you are a legal entity, you can enter the data for R1 receipt.
If you are and old Customer and you have not removed cookies from your browser, your data will be filled in advance.
At the bottom you can choose the method of payment:

Cash on delivery / payment by bank draft / by general payment slip / by bank transfer / by internet banking.

If you have chosen the option of payment by cash on delivery, you will receive an email with the data of your order after which you will receive the number of your package as well as the web address for package tracking.
If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer or general payment slip, you will receive an email with the data for your payment. After we have registered the payment, you will receive an email stating that your order is being processed and you will also recive the number of your package as well as the web address for package tracking.

By clicking the button "Order", you place your order with us.

In case the Seller cannot deliver all products ordered, they will deliver all available ones and notify the User about this by email or by phone along with the information about the availability and the possible term of delivery for the rest of products. If it is not possible to deliver the products afterwards, the purchase agreement is automatically cancelled for the undelivered products.

By placing an order and making payment the User concludes an agreement with the Seller according to these Conditions and since that moment the Agreement is valid.
Remark: discounts are not cumulative, sales are mutually excluded.